Bespoke finance packages

How to fund the purchase of your next car is not always the easiest decision to make. Here at West Sussex Specialist Cars our aim is to ensure that we give you the clearest impartial advice, providing our customer with an easy and smooth purchasing experience.

We have active relationships with a variety of funders able to offer bespoke financial packages to suit your individual requirements at competitive rates.

Hire Purchase (HP)

The simplest form of the finance agreement. You pay fixed monthly payments in order to spread the cost of purchasing a car over a number of years.

The benefits of this agreement are that initial deposits are flexible ranging from Zero upfront whilst having fixed rates and payments making budgeting easy. Terms available upon from 12 - 60 months, written quotations available on request.

HP Explained

Lease Purchase (Hire Purchase with a Balloon)

This type of agreement is very similar to Hire Purchase except you have an agreed residual (balloon) payment at the end of the agreements term, this residual payment means your monthly payments can be significantly lower than Hire Purchase. At the end of or indeed during the term of agreement you have the choice to either part exchange your vehicle, pay off the residual payment or re-finance the outstanding balance when the agreement comes to its end. Lease Purchase is a popular choice with higher value vehicles.

LP Explained

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

PCP is similar to Lease Purchase in that the monthly payments are offset by a final residual payment, the difference with PCP is that this final payment is optional.

At the beginning of the agreement the residual payment is set by the finance company, at the end of the agreement you have three options simply hand the car back to the finance company (certain conditions apply) part-exchange it for another car or refinance the residual. PCP suits a customer who is looking to keep his vehicle for the full term of the agreement and is typically only available on vehicles up to 4 years old.

PCP Explained

Contract Hire (PCH)

Contract Hire is only available on new and VAT qualifying vehicles and it takes advantage of VAT legislation that allows the finance companies to reclaim the VAT proportion of the vehicle before renting the vehicle to the consumer.

Unlike Finance Lease with Contract Hire the consumer carries no risk at the end of the agreement as the future value is the responsibility of the finance company arranging the contract hire. Contract Hire is basically a long term rental agreement for new or qualifying cars normally over a 2 or 3 year period.

PCH Explained

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