Preparation and Guarantee

comprehensive and extendable warranties

Here at West Sussex Specialist Cars we offer a comprehensive and extendable warranty on all of our retail vehicles no longer covered by the manufacturer that we believe to be the best independent warranty available for sports and performance cars on the market today.

Bespoke warranty packages are available to ensure every vehicle supplied provides its new owner with confidence and peace of mind reflective of the quality of car that we sell.

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Williams Ceramic Coating

As agents of Williams Ceramic and Synthetic Paint Protection we are able to offer the ultimate in paint protection systems for your new and used car.

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To maintain your vehicle in sparkling condition, we recommend protecting all new - 5 year old vehicles with Williams Ceramic Coat Products. The Williams F1 paint protection technology offers the ultimate in paintwork, interior fabric and alloy wheel protection.

Unlike car wax and polishes, our Williams Ceramic Coat Professional application permanently bonds with your paintwork and upholstery, creating an extremely durable, crystal clear protective ceramic skin which prevents road salts, traffic film, acid rain, tree sap, insect fluid and other atmospheric pollutants from contacting directly with your cars' paintwork. This provides genuine long-term 5 year guaranteed protection which requires no maintenance other than washing.

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Being an independent enthusiast owned dealership we only source vehicles that we would be happy to own. We rely on our customers coming back to us time and again.

Prior to purchase all vehicles are HPi checked along with provenance, documentation, history and condition evaluations.

Upon purchase all vehicles undergo road testing, mechanical and cosmetic checks. Vehicles are serviced as per manufacturer guidelines and minor cosmetic rectifications are made where necessary.

Finally when each vehicle has passed through our stringent checks it is detailed meticulously, machine polished and treated where necessary.

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